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The RetroArch application is a front-end video game system emulator which supports systems such as NES, SNES, GameBoy, Sega Genesis. It is a free open-source application that is available to download RetroArch for Windows on Google Play Store. Software can be added to soft library by browsing through its directory. Product can be started by selecting it on soft selection screen or by pressing corresponding button on the gamepad.


Interface for RetroArch download for PC app is simple and clean. It is easy to figure out how to use application. Software is designed to be accessible to beginners. User interface is simple and well-organized. Interface is very simple to understand. You can use it to play from all consoles, including Nintendo SEGA, SNES, NES, etc. There are many customization options to suit your needs. There are few different modes that can make playing softs easier. Layout is minimalist and has a search bar to type in any soft to see what it is and if RetroArch for Windows has it. Emulator and soft cover art is in background and gives a user a quick overview of what they will find when they click on app. It has a clear and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for users to get to soft without having to go through a lot of menus. Interface of soft is very simple. It is easy to navigate, with a menu on left that lists all different consoles that soft can emulate. Each console has a list of all softs that can be played on it, there is a button on the bottom to open the system. Interface of RetroArch for Android is very easy to use, with many options available. There are many different game selection screens available including app selection by genre, platform, number of players.


Usability of RetroArch APK download is good if user is familiar with systems that emulation supports. User interface is easy to use and features are easy to find. Layout is very easy to navigate and it takes a user only a few minutes to figure out how to use it. Drag and drop is an option to add a game to system, which is a great way to add games to system. Design is very intuitive and does not take a lot of time to get used to.


The functionality of RetroArch app is not complete. It cannot be used to play games, only to emulate. Features are limited in-app. Software can be used to play games through apps that are included in soft or through rom files. It has a simple interface that is easy to comprehend. You can use it to play soft from various consoles, including Nintendo SNES, NES, SEGA, etc. It has a wide variety of customization options to suit your needs. It has a few different modes to make playing games easier. Software RetroArch for PC is able to play games on various platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android. It is equipped with a frontend interface that can be used to manage app libraries, configuration files, cores. Includes many features, including ability to create your own emulator or soft, with ability to use various emulators with same game.


Support for RetroArch on Mac app is good. Application has extensive support. Application has tutorials, help forums, documentation. It has a forum, wiki, tutorial videos. There are many tutorials on how to use interface, search, configure controllers, find softs.


  • How do I delete a gamepad configuration?
    Select gamepad configuration and press OPTIONS button, select "Delete" and confirm.
  • Can I make an archive of my install RetroArch app?
    Yes, you can make an archive of soft using ApkTool.
  • How do I enable touch interface?
    Go to Settings->Input and set "Touch" to "Enabled."


Overall, play RetroArch emulator can be configured to work in different resolutions, supports usage of different controllers, such as PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, or a keyboard and mouse.

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